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Important Announcement :

from Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Announcement on the Start of Expropriation within (Alfaisaliyah) Districts in Diriyah area
Announcement on the start of expropriation of areas within the districts of (Khozama, Nakheel, Irqah).
We would like to announce that Urban planning, Design Compliance and land acquisition service center has been transferred to the new Urban planning and Municipality Affaires building (previous Diriyah municipality building) (Location) We are glad to serve you and answer your inquiries by booking an appointment through the following link, (Book an appointment)

Diriyah Gate Development Authority Announces the First Traditional Architecture Gathering

Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) has officially announced the inaugural edition of the "Traditional Architecture Gathering" to be held in the majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site At-Turaif, in Diriyah, The City of Earth, from October 24th to 30th. The event is themed "Traditional Najdi Architecture," and will bring together prominent scholars, expert designers, engineers, architects, and specialists in ancient architectural styles. In addition, a diverse range of visitors from both within the Kingdom and internationally are anticipated to join this gathering.

DGDA also announced that registration to attend the gathering is open from today, October 10, 2023 via the Authority's website at the following link: The public invitation to the event offers an incredible opportunity for people from all backgrounds to take part in the Traditional Architectural Gathering which will showcase and delve into the wonders of traditional architecture. 

The "Traditional Architecture Gathering" is a week-long event that aims to captivate the interest of experts and enthusiasts alike. It will showcase the beauty of Najdi architecture and the mesmerizing design of the historic At-Turaif district. During the gathering, participants will have the opportunity to visit various sites within At-Turaif , providing them with a firsthand experience of the architectural marvels of the ancient city and giving them a deeper understanding of the traditional and Najdi architecture of the region. 

The gathering will also host a series of sessions and workshops dedicated to traditional and Najdi architecture, offering attendees valuable insights and allowing them to expand their knowledge and expertise in this field. Furthermore, the gathering will feature an impressive display of valuable documents and books that shed light on Najdi architecture, history, society, and culture. This collection will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to explore the rich heritage of Najdi architectural traditions.