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Important Announcement :

from Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Announcement on the Start of Expropriation within (Alfaisaliyah) Districts in Diriyah area
Announcement on the start of expropriation of areas within the districts of (Khozama, Nakheel, Irqah).
We would like to announce that Urban planning, Design Compliance and land acquisition service center has been transferred to the new Urban planning and Municipality Affaires building (previous Diriyah municipality building) (Location) We are glad to serve you and answer your inquiries by booking an appointment through the following link, (Book an appointment)

DGDA National Day Celebrations: A Showcase of Culture and Tradition

Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) celebrated the 93rd National Day of the Kingdom with exciting events catering to residents and visitors of all ages. These events created a sense of harmony and belonging, connecting people with the symbolic significance of National Day and its importance to Saudis, Diriyah residents, and visitors alike.


Bujairi Terrace played host to several engaging seminars which took place, exploring a variety of National Day-related topics, such as "The Titles of King Abdulaziz and Azzaouiyyah," "King Abdulaziz and Diriyah," "The Swords of the Imams and Kings," and "The Stories of King Abdulaziz and His Swords." In addition, a seminar specifically designed for children shed light on the life of King Abdulaziz.


Workshops covering historical themes such as the seals of the Imams and Kings, Arabian horses, the Diriyah font, and King Abdulaziz's script offered visitors the chance to participate and learn. These workshops attracted a diverse range of participants, further enriching the celebratory ambiance of the event.


Moreover, Bujairi Terrace offered a range of immersive experiences for visitors to explore different aspects of Saudi Arabia’s rich and diverse history. The journey began at "Our Leaders" station, where captivating visual displays projected onto the ceiling told the story of governance spanning nearly 300 years. Starting with the founder of the First Saudi State, Imam Muhammad bin Saud, it traced the lineage of those first Imams and Kings. Through the "Time Traveling Ceremony," visitors were greeted in a welcoming traditional Saudi manner, introducing them to the famed Saudi hospitality and to traditional clothing from the First and Third Saudi States, providing a glimpse into the fashion of those eras. Meanwhile, the "King Abdulaziz" station presented a captivating immersive experience, including images and scenes from King Abdulaziz's reign in a unique and visually appealing style, creating a sense of realism and aesthetic charm for all who visited.

In addition, DGDA organized special activities and games at AlFaisaliyah and AlKhalidiyah parks on Friday and Saturday, bringing the community of Diriyah together. These events catered to all age groups and aimed to create a joyful and engaging experience for everyone involved.

DGDA also distributed over 10,000 gifts to the community and residents of Diriyah during the "Diriyah Parade." Three buses toured Diriyah’s neighbourhoods and parks on Friday and Saturday, with the first bus showcasing Saudi Ardah. The second bus featured children dressed in traditional clothing inspired by the thirteen regions of the Kingdom, and the final bus carrying several singers who performed national songs during the parade.